With our „FlowGarden“ project in the backyard of the townhall of Hanover 2019, we were able to demonstrate the beauty of creativity, the power of collaboration and the sustainability of holistic learning spaces through participatory Float projects. As the city of Hanover applies for the title „European Capital of Culture“ in 2025, Open-Island developed a concept for a European Float-gathering, connecting projects and organisations through the European river and canal system. As a symbol and platform for collaborative action and interdisciplinary innovation, our growing project and network becomes the backbone of „Reclaiming Mittelland“, a flagship project of our cities candidature.

Illustration for „Reclaiming Mittelland“ in the Bidbook by Lukas Hamilcaro

Please keep your fingers crossed for Hanover to gain the title as European Capital of Culture – then we will see a huge variety of floating vessels, islands, rafts from different countries, representing different topics and solutions on the rivers, lakes and canals of Hanover.

Of course, the whole city from the mayor to the off-scene joint efforts within the competition. So did we makers4humanity and artists4future with some performances and floats 😉

the bidbook presentation for Hanover as European Capital of Culture 2025