„The demand for floating islands rises in line with the sea-levels“.

On Nov.25th, we hosted our annual „Floating-Futures“-conference – this time from aboard our new floating headquarter, the motorized houseboat „ZuKunst“ in Hanover/Germany.
schedule This time, we started with a 2-hours vision-workshop with international participants from 4 continents, to come up with ideas for floating platforms with diverse benefits. Three groups envisioned floats for environmental / architecional / cultural purposes and pitched their results in the following conference.

Then, the keynote speakers Cesar Jung-Harada (Singapore), Richart Sowa (Brazil) and host Joy Lohmann (Germany) presented their current projects and plans regarding DIY floating islands and their use for nutrition, environmental protection, energy and the communities. Together with the participants, we then discussed development, financing and implementation strategies for floating projects in an open discussion.
Thanks to all speakers, participants and supporters for this wonderful come-together of humanitarian makers, which builds trust and hope, spreads knowledge and innovation, and strengthens our growing „float-community“.
More information and how to join into the glocal float-community: www.open-island.org/float-generator
The most notable result of the conference is the planned start of a float project on Lake Malawi in East Africa in 2024.
„Floating Futures 2023“ was moderated by Nicole Loeser, Institute for Art and Innovation (IFAI).
FF-KonferenzZoom-Teilnehmer ScreenshotCaptains Dinner an Bord


Watch the Live-Stream of the Floating Futures conference:
00:10 Welcome aboard the „ZuKunst“
03:50 3 Pitches from the vision-workshop
23:16 Moderation Nicole Loeser
26:00 Keynote Cesar Jung-Herada
35:35 Keynote Richart Sowa
48:35 Presentation Joy Lohmann (www.open-island.org)
58:50 Fishbowl discussion
1:56:17 Closing words