future-islandsPositioned as an Art-Installation directly in front of the town-hall of Hanover in 2009, the „future-islands“  gained immense public attention, as they summarized all the previously achieved experience in floating gardening and formed a trendy symbol for the now widely recognized problem of climate change. On the other hand, they demonstrated, that every given additional living ground immediatly will be populated. Here by ducks and moorhens, who breeded each twice within the exhibition period and caused an overpopulation.future-islands nestfuture-islands at night

Anyway, the concept worked out incredibly well and proved the simplicity of creating a new, floating land. After the temorary exhibition, the „future-islands“ were gifted to a family park and are still floating & growing (even trees).

Download the project documentation (0,9 MB pdf) from Joys recent exhibition catalogue: documentation „future-islands“