YESSS! THANK YOU, we are amongst the winners  of „GründerGarage“, the german entrepreneurship competition from „Stiftung Entrepreneruship“, Indiegogo + Google-Germany. Thanks to your interaction, we matched the crowdfunding goal of 6000,- €  to cofinance our upcoming viral kick-off campaign for Sealand Multiversity.

And now, you can decide, how much we will win. The more viral interaction we get on our crowdfunding site (Likes, Shares, Comments, Uploads), the more money we´ll get on coming sunday in Berlin.

So please – one final effort to improve our rating. Check out the site, like and share if you want and leave a comment. (If you don´t want to leave blabla, tell us about the first „best practise project“, that comes into your mind. (YouTube-Link, website, their idea or just the name)

We have already started a collection of Clips4Change and will include the best „best practise projects“ into our global campaign in November/December.

Thank you! All together, we´re pretty awesome!

multiversity roadshowp.s. we´ve prepared a little guerilla marketing action for the Entrepreneurship Summit and will showcase later, what happened 😉