On 15.1.2013, we´ve uploaded our EU-proposal „Multinnova“.

And we want to open up the collaborative process, building a „Collaborative Awareness platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation“ right away, sharing our vision with all of you. We´re still kind of „stressed out“ by now, but we´ll start with some introductional words on Multinnova:

Multinnova-uploadMultinnova provides a comprehensive networked social platform that visualizes the future society as an interdependent collective organism and supports the individual to develop their own sustainable life-styles, conscious behaviours and social mindsets in a glocal world. Multinnova addresses the challenge of societal change, social awareness and citizen participation with the help of a set of alternative perspectives: … (to be continued)

Multinnova is based on the Conceptual Art Project „Sealand Multiversity“ by Joy Lohmann 2010-12 and its board includes professionals and futurists from the fields ICT, Social Capital, Cyber business, Integrated Art and Real Impact Gaming. An integrative crowdbased project wiki will be released soon.