OI-maritim-bannerInvitation to the 1st Open-Island Online-Conference

January, 10th, 2015, starting at 2 PM GMT (please check your local time zone) Locations: Ahmedabad / Berlin / Online, hosted by Living Bridges Planet, a project of the Sealand Multiversity & friends. (Direct Access Link will be posted here 60 Min. before start, interactive YouTube lifestream available)

2 PM GMT (30 min.): Directly from the Indian MakerFest in Ahmedabad, we first want to present and share an open island with you.

4xOpen-Island_design„Open-Island“ is a modular construction kit (and DIY-manual) for floating recycled islands to raise lowtech flood resilience in affected regions worldwide. Shared Open-Islands provide common test grounds for useful applications and social entrepreneurships as well as platforms for local community building. (floating parties & concerts are also great… 🙂 Let´s also see the outcome of a 5-days Open-Island workshop with NID students live!

3 PM GMT (60 min.): Open-Island Talk live from Berlin Schöneweide on the topic: „All the others have (mostly) failed… will Makers save the world with Common-Sense, Open-Source and Social-Capital?“

ConferenceLet´s compare ideas, projects and strategies for global change and see, if and how we can speed up the transformation through collective knowledge and wisdom, creativity and passion. The world needs an effective global community of „Makers for Humanity“ to save this planet!

Where do such groups exist? Can we bundle our efforts, cocreate and share open-source solutions and get in cooperative action?

Directly afterwards, we start the next floating island project: Until summer, an interdisciplinary team will cocreate the German Open-Island, Berlin. (Why not join or build your own?) More Berlin info: www.open-island.de