There are many ideas of a better world floating around the globe. Some are realistic concepts or solutions for existing problems, others are pure utopias or fantastic visions.

Here, we collect all kind of floating projects to form our adventurous „future-fleet“ and you can help by referencing other rafts, boat projects or artificial islands. These are the best, we found so far (in alphabetical order):

– Floating Neutrinos, a US-based raftermen (and more) family with plenty of rafts and experience – Link
– Living Universe Foundation, mostly a discussion group on space settlements and how to do. (First step would be Aquarius, a floating community) Link
– Miss Rockaway Armada, artistic community, building floating art piedes and rafting them down the Mississippi – Link
– N55, a creative collective in Denmark, developing different objects – Link
– Positive Nett-Works e.V., german NGO with raft- and island projects and interdisciplinary approach – Link
– Spiral Island, an artificial island, made of recycled material by Richie Sowa on the mexican coast – Link

…to be continued…