At the very beginning of 2012 we joint efforts with „ArtEscape Goa“, an awesome creative and beautiful beach resort in south Goa (India) and hold a raft construction camp. It´s time to start the realization of „asap-island“ and there, we found the perfect spot on earth with the right people and a heartful community. After one week only, with the help of some tourists, local activists, beach cleaners and international development aid volunteers, and especially with the students of  the Goan architecture Institute, we succeeded and finally launched a catamaran-style recycling raft.

construction camp Goa

Made out of old tyres and plastic bottles (and some bamboo + ropes), i-land Goa went for it´s short first trip through the waves of the arabian sea. Now, as we know, how to and with whom, we´re preparing to expand this floating structure on a suitable location nearby.