21.12.2012, good news: Sealand Multiversity today has resetted its mindset and will from now on act as a mutual cocreator of our caring + sharing and therefore sustainable + happy world. Let´s now on BE the future, we all were dreaming of and working for.

Sealand Multiversity is a vision and symbol, a growing organism and makersphere, a social sculpture of likeminded people all over the world and invites you to cocreate (at) our Campuses.

Online Campus = as a collaborative Makersphere for common benefit

Offshore Campus = at the Principality of Sealand and glocal, wherever it happens.


We heartedly thank Prince Michael of Sealand for his hospitality, sharing his converted sea fortress and autonomous Micronation with our vision and folks. For his trust and for just being himself 🙂

But Sealand Multiversity mostly wants to thank YOU, all beloved friends and agents for glocal change. You are the essence of our existence. Together we´ll get it done!

„Let´s save the earth while it´s still fun ;-)“

Joy Lohmann & Sealand Multiversity

MakeChangeTV+Sealand Multiversity

We now start our lectures with these 2 activities:

Online-Campus: „Glocal Cooking“ @ #JellyWeek, 14.-20.1.2013

This beautiful glocal event is a collaborative, virtual and yummy. Glocal Cooking emerged within the Jellyweek-network and will become, what we collaboratively make it. Feel free to join, cook & share, or even organize a Jelly by yourself. It´s easy, free, fun and a joyful experience for sure.

 Offshore-Campus: Free, open „asap-island DIT workshop“ in India, Goa (1.-10.2.2013) „asap-island“ is the ongoing cocreation of a floating island out of trash and far beyond. This year, we´ll focus on bamboo.

>>>>> You can also right away celebrate with us, watching our improvized playlist on YouTube („skip or enjoy“-style).

Instead of flowers or gifts, Sealand Multiversity kindly accepts your likes, comments and shares 🙂