Ready for your tropical island? (>Artikel auf deutsch lesen>)

This coming winter season 2013/14, asap-island will grow within a collaborative glocal process, providing opportunities for all interested cocreators to join:
visitor-island designs

1. Scouting content: innovative materials and DIY-construction manuals, low-tech applications for an autarkic, sustainable and comfortable floating island. Become a future-scout yourself and contribute something, we didn´t know before via the asap-island facebook-group or direct mail.

2. Shareholder campaign: In October, our crowdfunding campaign will enable you to get your own tropical island! With no more than 100,- € you become a certified shareholder* of asap-island with annual access to the floating island. Do you believe in benefit or possession? Let´s share this island, it´s much more fun, a lot cheaper and less hassle for all of us. Each 100,- € share represents one square meter of asap-island, wich you can use for a month per year. (equates to a 12 m2 private-island for a week every 7 years. Or a 6 hours gathering with all of your friends on the 120 m2 main island each year and so on…) Your certified co-ownership is valid as long as an asap-island floats somewhere in a safe condition (plastic bottles f.e. last 400 years).

3. Ambassadors wanted: You want to join the inner circle and promote asap-island within your own activities? Become an ambassador for the recycled island virtually or in real-life and get partners, fans, volunteers, visitors, media aboard. Asap-island rewards you with social-capital-credits, equivalent to the credits for financial investments. > Send a direct mail

4. Workshop series in Goa/India: Sure – we really do it. And you can join the construction workshops for free. (workshop details will be released soon)

5. Want to become a beta tester? Artists, engineers, journalists and scientists can become beta testers of asap-island for free, living for a while on the recycled island. Apply for the quarterly „artists-in-residence“ program, send us a mail telling why you´re the one and what´s your special interest.

Sounds cool? Any other proposals? Please feel free to contact asap-island any time: facebook-group / direct mail