After presenting the Open-Island construction kit at the MakerFest in Ahmedabad/India in January and developing 7 thematic float modules with this system in Berlin later this year, we now got our first CALL FOR ACTION. The Eco-Resort Sundarbans invites 3-5 Open-Island Makers for a 3 weeks residency in 2016. As they are located on a remote island within the Sundarban National Park without electricity, they want to set an example with the construction of an Open-Island on their pond, to be used for low-tech energy production (solar, wind, biogas) and food production (vegetables, fish). Once, this Open-Island produces food and energy, the news how to build an up cycled island will spread easily in this region and workshops will be held to teach the neighbors and friends in building islands.


In fact, this knowledge is quite useful in that area, which is highly endangered by the rising sea levels. As a collateral benefit, the needed materials are globalized trash like plastic bottles, automobile tires and have to be collected from the nature, leading to clean-up campaigns in this nature preserve.

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To support this first „Makers for Humanity“ mission, the German Open-Island chapter has started a crowd funding campaign to collect money for equipment, logistics, insurance, research and a documentation of this construction camp. If possible, please donate a bit to make this happen:

Thank you.

(In case, you´re a Maker yourself – why don´t you apply to join the team and build an island in India together?)